Vedder Elementary is a special learning community where students, staff and parents are engaged in meaningful learning each day. Vedder's mission is to be a community that inspires strong character and powerful thinking. Our goal is, "How will a school wide focus on powerful thinking foster literacy, numeracy and social responsibility?"

Principal's Message:  It is with great excitement that I introduce myself to the Vedder Elementary School Community.  I am truly honoured and looking forward to serving as your Principal; getting to know the community, working in partnership with you and the Vedder Staff to continue the amazing work already being done for and with your children.  During my first visit to the school a grade 3 student rushed up to give me a warm welcome, she said, "you are going to love it here!"  I know that this student is correct - there is lots to love about this school - particularly the amount of care that happens here.  Mrs. P. Jordan

December Virtues: Generosity and Joyfulness

Malaria Net Project: A group of students have organized a fundraiser to sell mosquito nets for people in Africa.  See the event schedule for further information.

Our  December Newsletter is now online.

Read our latest Newsletter, check the Calendar, or find relevant Parent and Student information on our website.  There is also a blank Pizza Day Order Form in the Parent section.